Michael Shenfeld


The Selling Process

We Are With Your at Every Step

Real Estate Trends

  • I will explain the current market activity and trends.


Determine the Current Market Value of Your Property

  • I will define the process of valuation and pricing of your property as it relates to successfully positioning

your home in the marketplace.

  • I will prepare a comparative market analysis to determine the fair market value of your property.


Establish an Effective Marketing Campaign

  • I will explain the various types of exposure your property will receive.
  • Access to our internal network of agents: 2 of the top rated offices locally and 16 total KoenigRubloff offices in Chicago with over 1000 agents.
  • Variety of custom marketing plans and advertising services available.
  • I will have professional photographs taken of your property.
  • I will have an individual web site built for your property with your street address as the URL. This URL will be used in all the advertising provided.
  • I will have a custom color brochure made highlighting all the features of your property and the neighborhood.
  • I will make and publish a digital brochure through which will be posted on 10+ highly visible web sites.
  • I will have 500-1000 custom color postcards made and distributed to your surrounding area, target audience and my sphere of influence.
  • I will provide you with hints and suggestions on how to show your property at its best and help you find a

professional stager if necessary.

  • I will schedule and verify all showings and open houses.
  • I will call all agents that bring their clients through for feedback.
  • I will contact you on a weekly basis with all feedback that I receive.



  • I will go over the purchase contract with you, the process of negotiation and the multiple offer process.
  • I will work with you to determine your aspired price, acceptable price, and walk away price range.
  • I will explain your options and advise you on any contracts submitted to you.
  • I will present your counter offer to the buyer's agent and negotiate the offer on your behalf.


Accepted Executed Contract, Attorney Review, & Property Inspection

  • I will deliver a copy of the executed contract to you, your attorney, and anyone else you deem necessary.
  • I will provide on your behalf any available disclosures to the buyer i.e. Real Property Disclosure,

Lead Base Paint Disclosure, etc.

  • I will provide you with a list of our suggested vendors who may be of service to you and help coordinate

these services.



  • I will facilitate all necessary objectives to be addressed and satisfied before closing.
  • At your request, I will be in contact with your attorney via phone/fax/e-mail.
  • I will provide your attorney a clean copy of the executed contract. I will check status of contingent dates (if any) and make sure they have been met and/or addressed.
  • I will confirm that your attorney sends the title policy to the buyer's lender.
  • I will confirm that your attorney has obtained the title report from buyer's lender, the signed deed, bill of sale, affidavit of title, and the payoff letter from current lender.
  • I will attend the buyer's inspection. I will direct you to the appropriate experts to answer specific questions you have.
  • I will remind you to order a new survey of the property.
  • I will communicate the closing date your attorney has scheduled with the buyer's agent.
  • In preparation for your move, I will provide you with a list of helpful contacts (moving companies,

utility companies, insurance...etc.)

  • Prior to closing, I will schedule and attend the final walk through with the buyer's agent.



  • I will attend your closing.



  • I will help answer any additional questions.
  • I will provide you with a copy of my Contractor Referral List if requested.
  • I will send you a copy of your closing statement in January of the next year for tax purposes.